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ABC Friday Night Movie Open: “The Death of Ocean View Park”

"…a holiday weekend is about to become a nightmare of devastation." LOL
Open for a 1979 made-for-TV disaster film shot on location at Ocean View Park in Norfolk, Virginia.Aired on October 19, 1979.
Death of Ocean View Park~1979
A made-for-TV disaster film shot in Norfolk, Virginia at the Ocean View Park.

Clip description on  Youtube:
The demolition of a real-life amusement park in Norfolk, Virginia was excuse enough for made-for-television movie The Death of Ocean View Park. Factual footage of the park’s destruction is blended into a fictional plotline by screenwriters John Furia Jr. and Barry Oringer. Mike Connors, Diana Canova, Perry Lang, Caroline McWilliams and James Stephens are among a group of funfair revellers who attend OceanView Park on the Fourth of July. It isn’t long before Mother Nature puts on a real fireworks display-a devastating hurricane.

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Music Lover. Unapologetic Pop Culture Geek. I created this tumblr page because I was really, really bored one evening...

I also like to shoot videos (on camcorder, but mostly on smartphone) of things and moments that intrigue/surprise/amuse me. Spontaneous, quirky real-life vignettes.

I'm a geek when it comes to Virginia history. Some posts and reblogs may reflect that.

And yes, I am indeed a bored chick who lives in Virginia. Good ol' V.A.


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